It has been proven that anhidrosis can occur under the influence of certain skin diseases.
So, prickly heat profunda and red prickly heat negatively affect the work of the sweat glands.


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Xenical - the older the person, the more difficult it is for the body to provide thermoregulation. Health problems - diseases of the autonomic nervous system, diabetes mellitus and a number of other chronic diseases disrupt the work of the sweat glands, often locally.

Depending on the cause, congenital and acquired anhidrosis are distinguished. If sweating is impaired in a limited area of ​​​​Orlistat body, a local form is diagnosed, a violation of the work of all sebaceous glands is observed with a generalized form. Depending on the duration of the course, the disease is divided into acute and chronic. The risk of developing anhidrosis is increased by provoking factors, including:

Anhidrosis (translated from the Greek anhidros - lack of sweat) is a disease of the sweat glands, in which sweating is significantly reduced (hypohidrosis) or completely absent. It develops for congenital or acquired reasons, causing a permanent or temporary reduction in the amount of sweat secreted by the body. Anhidrosis is diagnosed using special tests that stimulate sweating and determine the degree of skin hydration.


Patients are advised to avoid overheating. Dry areas of the skin are lubricated with indifferent ointments and moisturizing creams. To improve the condition of the skin, intramuscular injections of vitamin B12 are used, multivitamins and retinol (vitamin A) are prescribed. Anhidrosis: what is it, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention.

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In addition, these tests include: axonal reflex test; skin biopsy; the imprint of sweat on the silastic. A disease such as anhidrosis does not always need to be treated. If treatment is necessary, then first of Xenical it is necessary to eliminate the causes that provoke the development of anhidrosis.

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It is possible to determine the decrease in sweating in a certain part of the body thanks to special moisture detectors that are installed on the skin. The patient is wrapped in a thermal blanket, after which the detectors begin to record the level of sweating.


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In acute localized anhidrosis, normally functioning sweat glands can overproduce sweat, so patients complain of Xenical sweating rather than dry skin. But this is rather an exception. If for a long time there will be no sweating, atrophy of the sweat glands occurs. It also increases the risk that the disease will become chronic. Anhidrosis has a number of its own characteristics, so the diagnosis includes special tests with the use of drugs that increase sweating, as well as intradermal administration of histamine.

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Since the burden of removing toxins falls on other organs, disorders of the digestive organs appear, and the amount of urine increases.


Xenical substances are excreted from the body with sweat, as a result of which, with violations of sweating, intoxication phenomena are observed with vomiting, fever and vasomotor reactions.

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